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Show us your rigs! - Cuchillo_Baishan - 19-07-2020 20:56 UTC

Let's talk builds. So after coming back to Spain this week...I gifted to myself a new case for the retro build that had been orphaned for ages. There is a mixture of legacy and modern hardware on it, I think they call it a... reverse sleeper on internet enthusiast groups (see PhilComputerLabs videos on YouTube).

Legacy parts were purchased brand new from old stock, not long ago. Erm, not quite sure about the Intel cpu, tbh:

-Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 Ghz (Also have a quad core Q6600 somewhere, but that is not optimal for games designed to run on single core mostly)

-PNY Geforce 9800 GT

-Gigabyte mATX with Q35 chipset (1333 mhz FSB) and 4 GB Corsair XMS2 (800 mhz)

-WD Velociraptor 250 GB 10.000 rpm, 6 Gbits/s (mobo is limited to 3 Gbits/s on SATA anyway)

Mind you, anyone could say this is junk material by today standards, BUT we're talking about a retro build here. It runs Steam and directx 9 games (and, multiplayer!) perfectly on Windows 7 32 bit, around 100 fps on high settings (bf2, cod, counter-strike source..).

Now, for the modern parts.

-Silverstone premium case, Temjin TJ08-E. Parts of aluminium, dust filters and front fan... about the tiniest you can get on the market for this quality.

-Be Quiet! cpu cooler (Shadow Rock LP) and 500w PSU (Pure Power 10, 80 Silver Plus)

Absolutely no overclocking, I want it to last for a long time. Besides, I have other machines for doing that thing.

[Image: 6f5htbsd1wen232zg.jpg]

[Image: amvgueu8nic8c2bzg.jpg]

Go ahead and post here what you have at home, either legacy or modern! Gaming