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Full Version: Dominations and Revenges in HL2 Deathmatch
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Credit to Illusion9 for developing this nice little Sourcemod add-on for our HL2: DM server. His work is mainly for CS:GO, but he took my request on the Alliedmods forum. He will soon publish it for general use on source games, notice this dev accepts donations.

Doms & Revs plugin thread

So this addon will trigger a "Domination" chat text when 4 consecutive kills are inflicted on a same player, and also a "Revenge" chat text when the dominated player strikes back, same as in CS: Source and DOD: Source games (except the Nemesis part). It has colors, too.

The plugin pairs well with other recently installed ones giving the player info on "killing sprees", real-time hit points and the killer info about weapon used-shooting distance-health points when a player is dead.


It's looks like what Valve actually forgot about HL2 DM, the only updates are OrangeBox engine and SteamPipe convertion.
Great work Smile

Always nice to see people are still working on these classic games.
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